July 3, 2011

It's coming to an end

My Staycation is coming to an end and I am kinda sad. I really needed the time off, it was nice. I didn't do much of anything and it was AWESOME.
Tuesday, the day after hiking I did a whole lot of nothiiiiiing :) Well, I hung around the house, did some crafts, but basically took the day and just chilled!
Wednesday was supposed to be beach day with my BFF Rina. It didn't work out as planned, unfortunately. The weather was sketchy and we didn't want to waste our time or money on gas going to the beach when its not worth it so we decided to reschedule. I still had to go out though and pick up my prescription so I did that. The pharmacy I use is in the same town as my ex lives in, he's not far from the store so while I was in the area I stopped by his house during his lunch break.
Thursday, Cain came up to my house and brought Tash so she could go swimming in the lake. Unfortunately for us, it was a little too breezy down on the water so we didn't jump in but the pups was loving it! I swear she swam for 2 hours straight while we sat on the dock and hung out. It was really nice. I'm really glad Cain and I have decided to stay friends. There's no reason for us not to but usually when you break up it doesn't always work out so well. I'm glad we both want to be friends and care about each other enough to make it possible.
Friday my BFF Shayna came up with her daughter Rhyann. We took her down to the water as well and she was hilarious. Rhyann is so smart for her age, I am so happy for Shayna. Shay has dealt with A LOT of bullshit the past 6 years and I know that she loves Rhyann but it's still hard to be a mom when its unexpected. Especially in her circumstances but Shayna has done an amazing job with her daughter, basically all by herself.   I am so proud of Shay but my heart hurts that she has to struggle so much.  Anyway, it was a fun time hanging out with them since I don't get to very often.
Saturday I was planning on staying in, maybe laying out in the back yard to get some sun, but basically do things around the house like laundry and clean. That didn't happen. Cain asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him to his friends house since its an hour away and not a fun drive alone so I said yes. We drove to his friend, Jamie's, and hung out for a bit. Jamie's dogs are craaaazy. Their names are Merlin and Becky. Merlin is like 90lbs which is only about 20lbs less than I weigh and he jumped up next to me and decided to lean on me with all of his weight. Yeah..I fell over side ways and hit Jamie's dresser LOL
Now today is Sunday. I'm sad, I have to go back to work Tuesday! Today has been alright though. I woke up not feeling well, my evil friend is coming soon--I can feel it. So I hung around, had a Vampire Diaries marathon and worked on more crafts!
It may seem to some like I had a boring Stay-cation but to me, it was great.  Just what I needed.

Until next time,

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