July 13, 2011

Am I ever going to be normal again?

It has been about 13 weeks since I had my last ER visit. I thought I was doing good considering that from December to April I was visiting at least once a month. I really do think I have been improving with my Endometriosis and IBS, the medication I'm on seems to be helping and I haven't been having as many 'attacks'. The few problems I am  having regularly are extreme bloating and nausea  Well yesterday, I had one of my 'attacks'.  I was having the usual, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. I knew I wasn't feeling right because on Monday I started to feel very blah and called my doctor to make an appointment to discuss my diet and medications. They originally scheduled me for friday but when I got sick on Tuesday, I called them first. They couldn't fit me in  and told me because of my history and symptoms that I needed to go to the ER to have X-rays to make sure I didn't have severe blockage.  That stressed me out to the max because I had to leave work, which I hate. I feel so guilty and that my coworkers must hate working with me because I'm always sick and have to leave.   Luckily my boss is great and he told me to head to the ER.  I spent about 4.5 hours there and they did see I was pretty badly backed up but not to the point of severe blockage.  They gave me some stuff to try to help things get moving and also sent me home with medicine to take for a week straight.  I haven't seen results yet, minus less pain, but I hope it helps.  Friday when I go to the doctors I will  be requesting to have him help me with a diet plan or to see a nutritionist.  Obviously my body isn't liking the things going into it and something needs to change.
Speaking of which, I need to take my medicine and eat some veggies.  I'll keep you posted with what happens friday.

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