July 6, 2011

Friends and Lovers

Yesterday was my first day back from work after my week vacation and some of the girls I work with asked me what I did on my time off so, I told them.  I told them how my ex, Cain, and I hung out a few times. We went hiking and then he brought the dog over my house to go swimming in the lake.  Cain and I have remained close since we broke up back in March, everyone knows that.  Not long ago he actually stopped by my work with a coffee for me.  Well, once I told the girls about hanging out with him they all started to give me crap about it.  "It's weird, you guys were together for 6 years you can't be just friends."; "Why break up and then hang out?". Basically they interrogated me; I had to literally sit there and defend myself while they said it was strange that I could still be friends and hang out with him.  Cain and I did not break up because we didn't love each other, we broke up because we wanted different lives. I wanted children, he didn't.  I didn't realize once you broke up with someone you had to become enemies.  I thought most people would be happy for me, being with someone for so long and then being able to still be friends. But nope, now they just made me super paranoid.  I know I shouldn't care what others think, and I don't really but it kind of makes me mad.  I didn't know acting civil and being an adult made me "strange".  Anyway, enough of my ranting! I wanted to get your thoughts on the subject; do you think couples who were in long term relationships can be friends after things end?  Don't get me wrong--I definitely think it's possible because I'm doing it right now but, I think things could be weird when we meet new people... for me at least! I'll want to beat the bitch up, jk! Sorta :)

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