July 24, 2011

My day out with Rhyann

My best friend, Shayna, has the most beautiful 2 year old daughter in the whole world who I love to pieces. When Shayna needed a babysitter for Saturday of course I said yes!
We started the day off at my work (the credit union) to get some cash then we went to Panera Bread because when asked what she wanted for breakfast Rhyann resonded with "A bagel!". I wish I could have gotten a picture of her walking in, she was wearing her pink sunglasses with her purse and her pig tails and outfit I bought her. SO ADORABLE. After Panera we did some shopping then went to get my hair cut (which BTW she was such a good girl during the appointment, she just sat and waited!). After my hair appointment we headed to Cain's so Rhyann could see the dog, Tasha. Once we got there Rhyann saw the pool and decided she wanted to go swimming. Luckily Cain's mother gave me a bathing suit to borrow so I could go in with Rhy, I wasnt expecting her to want to go swimming! After that we got ice cream and headed back to my house. I don't have pictures of EVERYTHING but here is what I do have :)
Video's to come later!

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