July 4, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

Remember when the "25 things about me" was popular on facebook? Well, I participated back in 2009 and going through my facebook just now I found it. I wanted to post it to show you who I was 2 years ago and to see how much I've either changed or stayed the same! Here it is!

1. I haven't spoken to my oldest brother Joe in 2 or 3 years. Im not even sure where he is. Still true, going on 5 years now.
2. My anxiety prohibits me from doing basic things by myself, such as going to the gym, or calling to make appointments, but I work with the public and I am okay doing so. Figure that one out lol I'm better but I still have my moments.
3. I'm really weird about eating meat. I usually only eat chicken. It usually has to be dry, if any meat has any texture of mushy-ness I will vomit. SO TRUE
4. I am obsessed with buying note books. I always want to by them even though I hardly use them.I should have said office supplies because I don't buy just note books...
5. I am obsessed with Rob Pattinson and Justin Timberlake. Still love them, now add Ian Somerhalder to the list.
6. I love my mother most in the world but for some reason I take out my frustration on her the most. And I feel horrible about it.I've gotten a lot better with this, I think. 
7. I am terrified of getting old and dying. If i think about it I have anxiety attacks. Yes, still very true.
8. I am a picky eater. I dont like most of my food touching. Especially if it has some sort of sauce, dressing, syrup, etc. T
9. I think people underestimate me. T
10. I can cry just about anytime. If I got paid to cry I'd be a billionaire.
11. Shayna is my best friend. We are so much alike intellectually and emotionally but our outer-personalities are very different. Shayna is my bff
12. I dream every night. And they are always very involved and strange. I don't remember all of my dreams, not as much as I used to. i think it's the new meds Im on :/
13. If I see a cat or dog on the side of the road that looks lost or in danger, I always want to save it. What can I say, I'm a softie :)
14. I dont think anyone really knows who I am on the inside. T
15. I love the twilight series, I could read the books over and over.T
16. My dad died in 2006 and my biggest regret is not having made enough time for him.T
17. My oldest nephew, Nathan, is 13 and it freaks me out. It grosses me out that he is getting facial hair and having THOSE thoughts. He was the first so I feel like I have a different bond with him. Ok this is still weird. Nathan will be 16 this summer and is a typical teenage boy so yes its icky. Im still having a hard time coping.
18. I have these weird thing about pinching cats noses.I cant help it!
19. I have serious trust issues. T
20. My weakness is ice cream. I could it eat all the time. T
21. Im not sure if I want children some day but if I do I would like to have a girl. I dont think I could relate well to a boy. One thing has changed, I know for a fact I want children and I still think a girl would be best.
22. My boyfriend, Cain, and I are so different from one another but thats why I love him. He makes me see things differently. Yeah, this is no longer valid because Cain and I broke up 4 months ago/
23. My back is messed up and hurts just about every day.T
24. I love things that are brightly colored and shiny. If im shopping and I see something that follows those guidlines I stop to look at it. It's a problem.
25. The H&R Block commercial with the people with one huge eye freaks me the hell out. This makes me laugh because I can't remember this commercial. I thought about googling but then I thought, If it freaked me out why would I want to watch it?

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