July 20, 2011

My latest Obsession(s)

I am currently obsessed with MTV's new show, Teen Wolf.  I know all of the guys on there are like 5 years younger than me but I still think they are super cute, I'm a cougar at heart ;)

First picture is of Tyler Posey who is the lead, he plays Scott. So cute, love his hair.

Next, I loooooove Stiles! He's hilarious on the show, he's the best BFF, and being cute doesn't hurt. 

I started off hating Jackson but as time goes on and the more I see him..oh my

Next on my list... one big bad smokin' hot wolf, Derek Hale. MMM MMM MMMMMM

Seriously, where do you find guys that look like that. It's just not fair or natural.  We need some better breeding over here in Maine!

Until next time,

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