July 25, 2011

Things I think are bogus part 3

So "back in the day" (2007) when I had a myspace I had made 2 posts about Things I think are bogus. I recently came upon those lists again and wanted to share them and update them to how I feel currently :)
Here we go!

1. When people don't call you back when they say they are going to.
2. When people don't call or text you back at all.
3. The fact that a chunk of my finger is hanging off and hurts really bad.
4. That when I try to make my hair look good it looks horrible and when I don't try it looks great.
5. That my month of tanning ran out today.
6. When people make up lame excuses for not being able to hang out.
7. Having to work with people who are lazy and suck.
8. Homework.
9. Boys.
10. Life.

1. That my month of tanning ran out like a week ago.
2. That I have been looking for a new job for 5 months and have had no luck (hopefully saturday I will be able to cross this off the list)
3. Having to work with people who are dumb, lazy, and like to make up rumors about me.
4. Never having enough time to do anything when my friends want to do something.
5. Having free time when none of my friends are available.
6. My back hurting every fucking damn day of my life.
7. When my boss is a bimbo for unecessary reasons.
8. My mom's boyfriend and his son being around ALL THE FREAKING TIME when I just need a moment to myself.
9. Not having enough money to move out on my own.
10.  Not doing enough fun stuff anymore.

LIST 3-2011:
1. Being broken. (IBS, Endometriosis, Vitiligo, Anxiety, Depression, etc.)
2. Bills
3. Having to be nice to people when I dont want to
4. Pretending like I care
5. Caring too much
6. The Male Species
7. Exercise. I hate it LOL
8. Summer TV Hiatus' - I am having withdrawals for Vampire Diaries and Supernatural!
9. Double Standards
10. Being questioned

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