June 22, 2011

I'm marrying Justin Timberlake

This past weekend while visiting Salem, MA with my friend, Chris, we decided to see a psychic. I have been to a psychic before but Chris never had so we thought it’d be fun! Here’s what I was told…
According to Demetrius (the psychic) I am an old soul and I have the ability, if I practice, to be intuitively clairvoyant. I always have a “gut” feeling about things and tend to be right (true) .  I am going to have 2 children, the first one being a girl and also a “Crystal Child.” (Crystal Child definition: A New Age concept for children who allegedly possess special psychic traits or abilities. Brings peace and love to those around them)
The guy I am going to marry is going to be about 6ft tall with sandy blonde hair with a curl to it. I’m hoping all my dreams are coming true and I am going to marry Justin Timberlake! =] This man I am supposed to be with is a “family man”. Works in a family business or has family money.  That was pretty much the jist of my reading with Demetrius. He also said I have the archangel Michael around me, giving me courage. Interesting.
The last psychic I went to told me some similar information, which is intriguing. Betty was her name, and she claims that I will have 2 children, the first being a girl.  She also used the term “Family man” when she described my future husband. Betty also mentioned that I was a little clairvoyant and that psychics run in my family(My aunt and vavor both claimed to have some abilities). Also, I had seen Betty over a year ago, before I had my laparscopy, and she had “predicted” I would have a lap. I did not tell her anything about myself nor did I tell Demetrius.
So, I don’t know if I fully believe that things will happen as the psychics claim but I do find it interesting that they had a lot of similar ideas. Only time will tell! Have you ever visited a psychic? Were they way off or right on? Share your experiences!
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