May 10, 2011

Today surprised a good way!


This morning I woke up with severe menstrual cramps and immediately got anxious. Oh god, please no! is what I thought to myself. Yep, I went to the bathroom and started my period. Here we go, I'm gonna get sick-perfect! I cant miss anymore work! I thought. I jumped out of bed and went right for the pain medication. I will NOT let you win, Endo! While I waited for the meds to kick in I tried to shower and get ready for work. It's pretty difficult to get ready when you have debilitating pain, just from the time i got out of the shower and when I blow-dried my hair it was 45 minutes. (Normally thats a task I do 10 mins after getting out of the shower). The pain just slows everything down. Anyway, after I finally was presentable enough for work I headed out. On the way I could feel that the pain was lessening and I was realizing I wasn't having my normal gastrointestinal problems, I didn't even feel nauseous which is so unusual for me. I crossed my fingers that the day would continue like that, and it did! I did have pain yes, but it was actually manageable today! I stayed on a pain regimen, taking them every 4 hours which, obviously, helped immensely. The only bad thing (depending on your outlook) was that I kind of felt slightly drunk all day at work. I couldn't believe it, I was in shock. I couldn't remember the last time I had a period like this. I am hoping I dont wake up tomorrow and retract this post, ;] I hope its for real and that the changes I've been making are actually doing something! I went back on birth control this month and my doctor also recommended a special diet for the week prior to my period to see if it would help with my gastro problems. The diet consists of foods that are easily digestible and mostly liquid. I only saw the doctor 5 days ago and knew my period was due any day so I thought that if I made dietary changes it wouldn't even make a difference. Though I didn't believe, I went ahead and followed my doctors advice-What do I have to lose?I thought. Nothing else has worked at this point! Well, normally I have one of my "attacks" within 3 days (or less) of my period, or the 1st day of my period.  I didn't have an attack! I'm praying to god that means I won't get it later either.  I don't know if it's the birth control, the change in diet, the other medications I'm on, or a witch has placed a healing spell on me, but I really dont care! If I can feel at all functional while I'm on my period I'll take it!  
Well, I can tell I'm rambling..I'm pretty sure it's a side affect of my pain medication because I just realized I sat here for about 10 minutes, not typing, just zoning out lol  I think I am going to put myself in bed! Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow!

Until next time,

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