May 29, 2011

Let me break my TV-obsession down for ya

I am sitting in my bed, bored, trying to think of ANYTHING to blog about to occupy my time. I logged on to Twitter and I don't recall exactly what it was I saw but I instantly started thinking of 90210. Thinking about which characters I liked, didn't, or had changed my mind about. Then I thought, this is a pretty good thing to blog about! So let me break it down for ya: I have 3 ratings, don't like, loved from the beginning, and surprised me. Here we go!


I don't know why but I just have never liked Ivy. I tried, I swear I did.

I have loved Annie since the pilot. I hated her on Degrassi so I really didn't expect to like her but I do, I really, really do.

Liam surprised me, for sure. I remember when he first rolled in I was like Damn who is that? When he opened his mouth he was a great big A-HOLE so I was kind of on the Ihateyoubecauseyouradouchebutyouresohott fence for a while but now Liam is a good boy and he hooked up with my homie, Annie :)

One Tree Hill
BOOOO LINDSAY. Since the moment she came on to my screen I was all set with her. Maybe because I am TEAM LEYTON or maybe because Lindsay SUCKS.

I fell in love with Peyton during the pilot episode! I loved everything about her and was a faithful TEAM PEYTON fan up until the very sad end :(

I didn't think Jake would really go anywhere on OTH, just kind of an extra but once his story started to evolve I fell in love with his sweet, caring, attitude. And I can't forget his baby, Jenny! :)

Gossip Girl

 I don't know why but I am not a fan of Serena. I don't hate her but I think she's kinda boring actually. 


I F-ing LOVE Blair. Maybe its because she was the bitch, the underdog, or just her fabulous fashion but I have been TEAM BLAIR since day one. Yes, she can be conniving and down right mean but I truly believe deep down that Blair is tender hearted. YAY BLAIR! :) P.S. LOVE THE HEADBANDS!

Jenny Season 1
Jenny now
  I had to post 2 pictures of Jenny because she has made a major transformation during her time on GG and that is part of the reason that she surprised me and why I love her now.  Jenny was the good innocent girl with big dreams. Got involved with the upper east side and realized how shady things really are. Not only do I love her change in fashion but I love her new found ferocity! MEOW!

The Vampire Diaries
I think I must have a secret vendetta against actress Michaela Mcmanus because I HATED her as Jules too! I just think she sucked. I don't know why, I just couldn't stand her--especially when she was trying to take Tyler! I'm glad she was used in Klaus' sacrifice.

Jeremy has been my favorite since the pilot. Back then he was a confused, angry, stoner kid who just lost his parents. I felt for him. Now, he is becoming a MAN, and super bad ass. Not to mention hotttt. I love you, Jeremy!

This may shock some of you, but truth be told, I hated Damon in the first 2-3 episodes. I thought he was EVIL and creepy. His hottness did not matter to me at the time. As the show grew however, I saw the true Damon deep down and now I am madly in love with Damon.  TEAM DAMON FTW!

Those are my opinions, do you agree, disagree or have other characters you love/hate? Let me know!

Until next time,

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