August 29, 2012

Oooh look what I found!

I am super excited, I was just going through my computer- old folders and what not and I found some things I forgot about! These were exciting and/or meaningful moments for me so I wanted to re-share them :)

My question made it into Eonline's Kristin's Spoiler Chat!

Trevor Donovan from 90210 direct messaged me on twitter! Not tweeted, messaged- big diff LOL
The lady gaga sunglasses I made for my Halloween costume

4th grade lol enough said!

Baby me! I dont look too happy but I have a stuffed kitten in my pocket lol

Always thought this was a cool picture

High School friends <3

This is when I loved X-tina, and my hair!

If you're looking close enough you will see this is photo shopped LOL with my face and the faces of my friends for someones birthday gift :)

High School BFF's

When I was tan!

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