August 4, 2012

Facts I should have known, but didn't!

Being a "Mainer" for almost 20 years now you would think I would know mostly everything about the state of Maine. Well, here's a few things I learned today that I did not know:

  • Maine sees the largest growth of blueberries in the nation. It remains to be the sole place which has the largest produce of blueberries grown either in the wild or cultivated specially. (I LOVE blueberries, how did I not know this?)

  • Maine has the largest toothpick manufacturing plant in the entire of United States. This plant produces around 20 million toothpicks in a single day.

  • Eastport, Maine is the most eastern city in the United States. The city is considered the first place in the United States to receive the rays of the morning sun.

  • Maine's earliest inhabitants were descendants of Ice Age hunters.

  • With a total area of 33,215 square miles the state covers nearly as many square miles as the other five New England states combined.

  • Part of the movie "Jumanji" was filmed in North Berwick, ME  (I actually knew this fact because it was in my ex- boyfriends, grandmother's back yard!)

Just thought I'd share these random facts about the state I live in, hope you enjoyed! :)

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