February 23, 2011

Bieber Fever

I hate to admit to this, being a 25 year old female and all but...I think I have a case of Bieber Fever.
Over the weekend I joined Corinne while she brought her roommates 7 year old daughter, Alli, to see the Justin Bieber movie. I figured I had nothing else going on so, why not! Since then I have caught myself singing bits and pieces of the Bieb's songs. Just before I started this post I caught myself singing "I will never say neveeeeeeeeer" (that is what prompted me to post). I have to give the boy props though, not only is he cute but he is very talented and seems like a pretty decent kid. Justin,when you turn 18, watch out! ;) HAHA.

Vamp Love

If you know me then you know I am a Vampire fanatic! Edward Cullen was my "main vamp" for so long but, as much as I may hate to admit it, I think I have officially been won over by a new vampire love.... Damon Salvatore.  Edward and Damon are so different, Edward is good, Damon...not so much (Hey, he's working on it!) but both are incredibly H-O-T. There is just something about Damon that drives me crazy! Therefore, this is my announcement to the world.. Damon, I love you! Goodbye Edward, I will miss you!

February 17, 2011

Lady Gaga smokes pot...

This morning as I was driving to work I was listening to Elvis Duran and the morning show and heard this hilarious interview with Lady Gaga. I fucking love Lady Gaga, I think she is so real and inspirational and I love that she's not afraid to be weird. I love Gaga so much that I was her for Halloween! Anyway, back to my original train of thought.. Elvis asked Gaga if it was true that she smoked pot while writing music and she answered "Yes, I do". They started to discuss it more and she admitted that her idea for the "Vessel" came while she was stoned. I laughed my ass off, is anyone really surprised that she is high when she comes up with this stuff?  I bet you if I smoked a few I could come up with some really weird ideas ...too bad I suck at singing.


My so-called lifetime movie life..

My life is a seriously depressing lifetime movie. LOL okay, well maybe not that severe but I do believe god is playing a few jokes on me lately.  Like crap isn’t stressful enough, I feel like shit more than 50% of the time, work is always a struggle, and my relationship(s) are not where I want them right now plus my Vavor passed away, and I had an appointment with my woman doctor the same day I had to head to Rhode Island to be with my family.  This appointment was to basically determine a plan of action to figure out what is wrong with me. Let me give you a semi-brief (if possible) overview…
For a little over a year now I have been having stomach issues which has resulted in a 45lb weight loss. Not to say it wasn’t needed, because I was definitely overweight for my size but the way it happened wasn’t right. I was just always feeling like crap and having issues that made me not want to eat as much. I have had a Colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, 2 CAT Scans, 3 internal Ultra Sounds, and a small bowel follow through and all they can say everything looks “perfect”. Well that is awesome. Also, I was on antibiotics for 17 days for a UTI that I did not have. It took a 3rd doctor I’ve never seen before to determine that and to tell me, and this is a direct quote,: “I honestly can’t tell you what is wrong with you.”.  My last option Is to have Laparoscopic surgery to see if I have endometriosis. Endo can cause all the IBS type symptoms that I have been having and I talked to my Aunt who has endo and she says that all of my symptoms are very similar to hers.  I am feeling confident that this is the problem and am hoping that having the surgery will help, the only thing I am super worried about is infertility. I am so scared that something is going to be wrong and I can’t have children or if I want them I’m going to have to do it sooner than later since my chances only gets worse with age. I have a plan though! If I do have to have kids ASAP and my boyfriend decides that he still doesn’t want children I am going to have to say “Adios!” and I’m just going to get artificially inseminated. Family is too important to me and I will be very unhappy with my life if I do not have children. I know it’s possible to adopt and all that but in my personal situation I would prefer to have a child of my own and if this is my only way then this is what I have to do.
So not only has all this been going on, while In RI visiting my family for my Vavor’s death we had two huge fights, one in which my brother and I got physical and it was not good.  Growing up it wasn’t unusual for Jeremiah to get physical with me but mostly he’s just a bully. He likes to put you in a corner and scream in your face so you can’t get away. I felt like I had PTSD because as soon as he put his hands on me I lost it! It was just so unnecessary and I hate that every time our crazy family gets together we always have to fight; it’s so stressful I can’t handle it. I have decided to take some time apart from my brother and family for a bit because I do not like the person I become when I am with them, it’s not healthy.
I need to take care of myself and my health first and worry about everything else second. I have been trying to find things to help relieve stress, like crafts, but I have such a short attention span I can only do it for so long. I need more hobbies, or better concentration, which one is more easily obtained?  I need guidance! I’m hoping my psychic Aunt can give me some insight J

Until next time!

February 15, 2011

R.I.P. Vavor

On Wednesday, February 9th my Vavor (a.k.a. grandmother) passed away peacefully at home.  It was not completely unexpected but still sad, and my mother is having a hard time handling it. Of course she is! I mean, it's her mother. I know I would be in pieces if I lost my mother. Anyway.. I just wanted to share her obituary. R.I.P. Vavor, I'll miss you.
I'm the one with the pig tails and pink sweater :)

Alice Bagdanovich, 88, died February 9, 2011 at home.  She was the wife of the late Stanley J. Bagdanovich.  Born in East ProvidenceRI, she was the daughter of the late Jesse and Maria (Neves) Silva.  Alice was formerly employed in the jewelry industry.  She is survived by 10 children, Larry, Michael, Kenneth,Theresa, Eileen  and Edward Bagdanovich, Lisa Cochrane, Janice Mustavitz, Diane Sullivan and Katherine Sullivan; one brother; Jesse Silva; one sister, Anna Silva; 22 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.  She was the mother of the late Leslie, Walter, and Mary Bagdanovich and sister of the late Mary Silva and Irene Harvey.

February 7, 2011

I have a problem, a shopping problem!

I am insane. I don't know why I do some of the things I do. I am on a shopping binge lately and I need to cut it out! Shopping is definitely a way of coping for me, it makes me feel happy when I am sad, and I have been sad a lot lately. I am working on getting happier (I can't afford these benders!) so thats a good thing, right? Anyway, since I've been bad, why don't I continue and show you my latest purchases!
In Ultra Violet and Ultra Green
Leatherette Enclosed Wedges From Forever 21
Feathers and stones earrings from Forever 21
Fab Skinny Jeans Forever 21
Heathered Trapeze Top Forever 21
Glitter Metallic Tights
Hair Bows-Forever 21

Miley Cyrus Tank Top

Forever 21 Lace Yoke Dress

Page Graphics, Tumblr Graphics
Page Graphics, Tumblr Graphics

The Roommate

On Friday my friend, Corinne, and I went to see The Roommate. I LOVE Leighton Meester so this was a must see for me.  I think she did a wonderful job acting and the movie was creepy but I didn't like how there was no history, no back story. Rebecca (Leighton's character) was crazy, her parents were afraid of her, and girls she went to high school with were creeped out by her and you never found out why she was crazy, or what made her crazy, or how any of it was connected. It was odd. So, like I said, I give Leighton an A for acting but the movie gets a D. Just my opinion! 

February 3, 2011

Horoscopes, freaky, but true?

So on Monday my horoscope (I'm a Capricorn) said:  A person from your past may make a surprise appearance today, and you have no reason not to welcome them with open arms. 
Of course my first thought is, oh shit. I don't want to see anyone! If you know me then you know that I totally believe in horoscopes, ghosts, and psychics and all that--to a degree. Well, after reading my horoscope I headed out to tan on my lunch break. Low and behold, when I enter Sun Tan City I see a new employee, a face I recognize. Instantly my face drops. I definitely know this guy even though I don't know his name. It is the guy from the T-mobile stand in the mall who HARASSES me every single time I go to the mall. I am not exaggerating! I can't believe by now that he doesn't recognize me by now. So I'm thinking, great! Now he is going to solicit me for tanning products instead of cell phones, awesome.  Today was the 2nd day I have seen him working there and so far, so good. He hasn't tried to sell me anything, except his cheesy conversation, yet. All I have to say is, he better lay off!

My horoscope today reads: 

If you receive an inapt gift today, be gracious. The thought really does count.

Oh, joy.


February 2, 2011

Snow Day, yay!

Today I had a snow day from work, which is always nice (minus the fact that it's snowing!). I was able to clean and re-decorate my room a bit, play with Tasha, and blog! So even though I hate the snow, I love having days off.  Let me show you what I did today:



lots, and lots of snow

My Gossip Girl inspired cosmetic tray I made that is now housing my hair care products/lotions/perfumes


Back to work tomorrow, booooooo :[

I am off to read The Vampire Diaries: Stefan Diaries vol.1 , see you tomorrow!

My latest obsession

After last nights episode of Gossip Girl I found myself still thinking about Damien Dalgaard aka Kevin Zegers.  He is so cute! I think I have a weird thing for super preppy/pretty guys. What do you think?
Kevin Zegers
Jensen Ackles
Ian Somerhalder
Chace Crawford

February 1, 2011

Watch out Hollywood, here I come!

My coworkers will probably kill me for doing this but, I have to. I love it! I work at a Credit Union and we recently had our annual employee meeting. My department did a funny video and I just felt the need to share it!