January 31, 2011

Justin Timberlake, i love you!

I just had to make notice of today, Happy 30th Birthday to my first love, Justin Timberlake!

Nails and Makeup, my form of therapy

This weekend I met up with my good friend, Jessica, for some much needed girl time! I don't get to see Jessica often since we live about 45 minutes away from each other so we have made getting mani-pedi's our tradition! In addition to that, we also stopped by the mall to hit up Sephora to satisfy my makeup addiction. (I also detoured myself to Walmart and bought MORE makeup, oy vey! Our day wasn't going as originally planned when my appointment to get Minx nails was suddenly cancelled. I was pretty PO'd about it too considering this particular salon is the only one in Maine or New Hampshire who offer minx and I have been dying to get them! Jessica and I ended up saying SCREW IT and headed to T&C nails in the mall. I knew I couldn't get a super cool design like I had hoped with the minx, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my nails. Meanwhile, over at Sephora I reached 500 points in my beauty bank which means I get the bigger free gift or a few small ones, so I ended up getting the new Hello Kitty Fragrance (amongst all of the other things I actually bought). Though the day didn't go as planned, I was pretty happy with the outcome and with my purchases. :]

Teal nails with hand painted black and metallic black swishes 

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Pin Up at Walmart

Rimmel Glam'Eyes quad eye shadow in Smokey Purple at Walmart

Natural Lavender blotting papers from Sephora

Hello Kitty Fragrance from Sephora

Bad Gal eye color intensifying mascara in Plum from Sephora

Loreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara for green eyes at Walmart

Tarte rest assured natural brightening wand at Sephora

Tarina Tarantino Jet magic hour smudge pen at Sephora